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TOPNOTCH NEWS - August 2021

The Advantages of Using a Staffing Agency During Tough Economic Times

Staffing agencies can provide companies with a lot of workforce flexibility. Agencies can provide companies with the talent they need but without the associated costs, liability and commitment.

At the same time, job seekers seeing a tightening labor market are more open to working contract and temporary positions. Many people looking to advance their careers don’t want to wait until tough economic times have passed. For employers, this means more quantity and quality in the labor market. Read a few ways companies can benefit from using a staffing agency during tough economic times.

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Best Interview Questions to Ask
Skilled Trade Candidates

When filling a skilled trades position, asking the right questions during the interview is essential. Often, hiring managers focus heavily on hard skills. While technical capabilities are undeniably important, the best approach also involves touching on soft skills, safety on the job, and more.

Fortunately, it’s possible to tap into all of the necessary topics. Here’s a look at the best questions to ask skilled trade candidates.

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5 Certifications To Set You Up For Success In Wichita

WSU Tech offers a range of certifications that can set you up for career success in Wichita. Depending on the program, you can highlight existing expertise by getting these career-boosting credentials or hone in-demand skills that make you a stronger candidate.

The types of certificates offered by WSU Tech cover a wide array of fields and industries. If you aren’t sure which programs are worth considering, here are five certifications to set you up for success in Wichita.

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Find A Job Faster in 2023 with a Great Resume! (Template Included)

Many professionals want to find a new job to ensure they start 2023 off in the best possible position. If your goal is landing a new role, having a great resume is a critical part of the equation.

In many ways, a resume is a marketing document. Your resume shows the hiring manager how you can provide value to their company, effectively selling your capabilities and increasing your odds of landing an interview and job offer.

Fortunately, creating a standout resume isn’t as challenging as many expect. Here’s a closer look at why you need a resume and how to write a great resume to find a job faster in 2023.

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