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TOPNOTCH NEWS - August 2021

Get Hired Faster with Automation

More often than not, candidates find automation in recruitment processes more of a source of frustration than view it as a way to expedite their job search. However, by understanding how automation in recruitment works, it’s possible to leverage the technology as a job seeker. In turn, you may be able to secure a new opportunity faster, making it easier to further your career. Fortunately, recruitment automation isn’t overly complex conceptually. Here’s a look at how job seekers can make use of the technology to get hired faster.

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Direct Hires vs. Temporary Hires: What Is Better for My Organization?

When you need to expand your workforce, partnering with a staffing firm can be an ideal option. You’ll have an easier time finding right-fit candidates thanks to their recruitment expertise and deep, vetted talent pools. However, you’ll also have to determine which hiring approach is best. There are benefits and drawbacks to the direct hire and temporary hire strategies, and each option is better in some situations than others. Fortunately, evaluating your needs can help you determine which method is best in relatively short order. If you need to figure out whether direct hires or temporary hires are better for your organization, here’s what you need to consider.

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How to Gauge a Manager's Style During an Interview

As the saying goes, professionals don’t quit companies; they quit managers. As a job seeker, finding a manager with a style that aligns with your needs is essential. Otherwise, what initially looks like a dream job can quickly turn into a nightmare, all because their management philosophy differs from your preferences. While it may seem like determining if a potential boss could meet your needs isn’t possible until you’re in the role, that isn’t’ the case. Here’s a look at how to gauge a manager’s style during the job interview process, allowing you to figure out if it’s a match before there’s an offer.

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How to Leverage Automation in Your Hiring Process

Technology evolves rapidly, particularly when it comes to automation. Now, automation isn’t just for data analysis or production environments; it’s also fundamentally altering the worlds of talent acquisition, candidate management, and other aspects of the recruitment and hiring landscape. Since automation is relatively new, many companies only have a general idea of how they could leverage its power. If you’d like to make the most of automation and improve your hiring processes, here are some ways to begin that journey.

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